Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

With just a week or so left until Christmas, I wanted to share a few last minute ideas for those of you who may be procrastinating on purchasing gifts for your friends and family- especially those who love the outdoors. These are products I’ve been enjoying recently, and I hope you do as well!

Stocking Stuffers:

When you are out in low temperatures, there isn’t anything more miserable than having cold hands. Whether you are hunting, fishing, or just enjoying nature, having these little guys in your pockets can make all the difference in the world. These Grabber Warmers are my personal favorites- they are easy to activate, they stay warm all day long, and they come in Mossy Oak camo patterns. What more could you ask for?

Simply take them out of the packaging and give them a shake to activate them. If they cool down, just shake them again and they heat back up. I keep mine in my pockets or inside my gloves, depending on how cold it is and what I am doing.

One of the most important and often overlooked habits of a responsible gun owner is keeping your firearms clean and in good working order. I was recently introduced to a few products from Ogre Manufacturing, and I like how they have performed.

Earlier this year, I purchased a Springfield Armory 9mm subcompact for concealed carry. I took it out to the Wyoming prairie with my parents, and we quickly ran through a box of ammo testing it out. As soon as I got home, I field stripped the firearm and thoroughly cleaned and oiled it using the Enviroclean products.

Several weeks later, I found myself on a waterfowl hunt in North Dakota. Silt was heavy, and we had been warned to expect to find it in every crack and crevice of our firearms and equipment. I had borrowed a shotgun from my mother-in-law for the trip, and it performed well. When I returned home, I again used the Enviroclean products before giving it back.

I used the Firearm Cleaner and Gun Oil, and I was very happy with both products. They have much less of an odor than other gun cleaning products, and I like that they are not harmful to me or the environment. It takes very little of the product to get the job done. My firearms are clean and safe, and I will definitely be using the Enviroclean products again.

I received a press kit of these Clean Trek items, and thus far, the foaming cleanser and body wipes are my favorite products from the line. We travel a lot as a family, and our 6-year old daughter can get a bit messy. On a recent trip, she spilled a mint chocolate chip milkshake on the fabric upholstery of our rental SUV. We didn’t know she had done it until later in the day, and I was panicked that the stain had set. We busted out these wipes and within a few seconds, the stain was completely gone. Such a relief.

I have also used the wipes on several hunting trips to clean my hands, and I like that they clean off the dirt and blood without drying out my hands. The aloe vera and vitamin E make a huge difference, especially if you are cleaning your hands in cold weather. The items are all odor controlling as well.

The cleanser is great too, especially since it’s made to be used on its own without needing to rinse it off. Again, with all of the time we spend outdoors, dirty hands are commonplace. With these cleaning items, we are set. Really looking forward to using the other products next summer once we start camping as well.

Gift Ideas:

Another new company I’ve recently been introduced to is Volt. As a person living with a disability, I have a difficult time regulating my body temperature. Since I am constantly outdoors, this can be a serious issue, especially in extreme weather. I sometimes shy away from heating products, because I obviously have parts of my body that I can’t feel, making them vulnerable to burns. But I am very thankful that I heard about Volt, specifically the fleece pullover jacket. It’s a new product, so watch for it on the website soon. For now, check out the other awesome options!

I’m not going to lie- I am pretty much obsessed with this jacket. I wore it on a recent hunt, and I nearly fell asleep in the blind because I got so warm and cozy. The fleece is really soft, and the jacket heats up within minutes. With four heat settings and an extra battery, I felt the warmth all across my front, as well as my back. Having it under another coat really locked in the heat, and leaning back in my wheelchair felt really nice. I will definitely be writing another post about this jacket at a later date, because it deserves a post all its own.

I did a lot of research on methods for concealed carry before purchasing this purse. Holsters are not an option for me, and I wanted something that would be as much “on body” as possible. I looked at a lot of different purses, but to be honest, most of them might be effective, but they weren’t attractive. I knew if I looked hard enough I could find one that was both fashionable and useful, and I finally did.

This purse is a messenger style bag, which means I can wear it across my body and resting on my lap. With the reinforced strap, no one is cutting or tearing it off of me, and if I somehow end up not in my wheelchair, it is still connected to my person. I love the scuffed look of the buffalo leather, and it has plenty of room for my handgun, plus all of my other purse essentials. This is another item I can’t live without, and I will be doin a more in depth review soon.

This is a great piece of equipment that just so happens to work for everyone, regardless of your abilities! Whether you want to be hands free to run a turkey call, or you have limited dexterity in one limb, this piece is great for keeping you safe and effective with a rifle or shotgun. Pair it with your favorite set of shooting sticks and you are ready to go!

  • Memberships

Having trouble finding a gift for the outdoorsman in your life that has it all? Consider purchasing a membership for them with the shooting/hunting/conservation group of your choice. There are dozens to choose from, and you are not only providing your friend or family members with a wonderful experience, you are supporting some amazing causes in the outdoor industry.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Much love to you all from the Lundvalls!