Book and Website Update

While I am so very thankful for every year God gives me on this earth, I must admit, I am beyond excited for 2016! Since my accident over sixteen years ago, I have been a firm believer that the plan for my life was bigger than anything I could ever imagine. What I am learning recently is that the beauty is in the timing.

When the doctors told me I would never walk again, one of my biggest fears was that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the outdoors that I loved. Those fears resurfaced when I moved to Wyoming after Russ and I were married. Surely the mountains and rivers I loved would be inaccessible and too treacherous to enjoy. I would probably be stuck inside watching as my family and friends participated in the activities I only dreamed of.

I usually hate being wrong, but in this case, I've never been happier to be utterly mistaken.

With creativity, courage, and like I always say, a lot of duct tape at times, I have been able to do more in the outdoors as a person living with a disability than I ever did as an able-bodied person. And I love sharing these adventures with others! The opportunities provided to me are mind-blowing, and 2016 is the culmination of years of dreams and hard work.

I am SO excited to announce that my book is now available for pre-order! What a journey that has been, and I have learned so much along the way. Thank you all for your patience! We are hosting a launch party on Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:30 the Park County Library here in Cody, and we will be shipping out books to those of you who are interested at that time as well.

I have also been working with a great marketing team, and we are excited to launch a brand new website. Wahoo! I have always done all of my social media sites by myself, so it is wonderful to have a professional team who actually knows what they are doing taking that over! Please visit it for news, blog posts, and book orders.

Well, I think that is enough excitement for one post. So thankful for the blessings in my life- including each of you!