With a passion for helping everyone discover ways to explore the outdoors, Ashlee and her team are excited to help businesses and organizations review the products currently in the marketplace to identify adaptive solutions to serve the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Bryce Fauskee

I was born with Spina Bifida, but hunting and fishing have been a part of our family for generations.  I started hunting with rabbits and birds as soon as I was of legal age.  I’ve learned that I can do anything anyone else can do, but just have to do it a different way.  Since then I’ve hunted elk, deer, antelope, and even moose and bison.  I also won a trip with Safari Club International’s Pathfinder Award to hunt plains game in Namibia, Africa.  I recently got into archery hunting for deer and antelope and love the patience it requires to let the game get up close and waiting for the perfect shot.  I still enjoy getting out to chase birds on occasion as well.

Jake Winlow

I was born in Riverton, Wyoming, and grew up in Wyoming, Alaska, and North Dakota.  I enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, four wheeling, biking, and snowmobiling.  I have hunted deer, moose, black bear, elk, antelope, and caribou.  A motor vehicle accident in 2009 resulted in a spinal cord injury at the C6 level, leaving me a quadriplegic.  The injury has not slowed me down when it comes to being active outdoors.  I worked to design an adapted four wheeler, I drive a pickup truck modified with a lift and hand controls, and I hunt with the aid of some fantastic adaptive gear.  I am always looking for new and creative ways to get out and enjoy life.

Grayson Phillips

Hi, I’m Grayson Phillips, also known as the Rollin’ Redneck! I am a 16-year-old sports and outdoor enthusiast who was born with Spina Bifida, but I never let it slow me down.

Hunting is in my blood! I killed my first deer, at age 10 with a single shot .243. I have hunted white tail in Missouri, Alabama, and Tennessee, wild hog in Georgia (with a spear!), bear in Wisconsin, and fallow deer in Florida. Hunting is not the only sport where I excel. I am the point guard for the Lakeshore Lakers, a wheelchair basketball team that has won a national championship. I also enjoy water and snow skiing, kayaking, repelling, fishing, and camping. I am in the final steps of achieving Eagle Scout. My Dad, Scott Phillips, and I founded the non-profit, Outdoor Ability Foundation, in 2014. OAF equips the disabled outdoorsman. I would someday like to have my own hunting show for the disabled hunter.

I live in Gardendale, Alabama with my parents and sister.

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