#Namibia2017: Day 8


Today was the day I decided that I don’t like zebras anymore. We literally spent the whole day trying to find a Burchell stallion, and the zebras were not having it. We came across five different herds, and none of them were cooperating. Then things got worse. We were driving along and came across a huge roadblock of downed trees that had to be cleared. Steve said it was the elephants. I’m pretty sure the zebras did it. Then we were climbing a steep road up the mountain in the cruiser and we blew a tire. Steve said it was a sharp rock. I blame the zebras for that as well. They’ve formed a conspiracy and I’m positive they are all in on it. Hoping to get my revenge tomorrow.

We did get to see some other cool animals today. Early this morning as we were leaving camp we saw a caracal (lynx) just off of the road. They are very difficult to see during the day, and we were told it was a fairly rare occurrence to see one so close. Unfortunately, it happened so quickly that we didn’t get a picture, but awesome nonetheless. We also saw the lions again and got some really close shots with the camera. Then we spotted a white rhino cow and her calf. Not an eventful day hunting wise, but amazing just for the experience to be here in Namibia.

Another delicious dinner of pork and kudu. Gonna need to go on a diet when we get home!