#Namibia2017: Day 9


#Namibia2017 Day 9: I've decided that Burchell's zebra don't really exist. Or maybe they go into hibernation right before winter hits Namibia. Either way, we looked for them All. Day. Long. And they were no where to be found. We saw plenty of mountain zebra, and they were all standing right by the road, mostly broadside, and I'm pretty sure one of them stuck his tongue out at me. For reals. So we've got tomorrow morning left for hunting- last chance for zebra!

We did see some eland today, and the herd had a gigantic bull. Steve said he would probably weigh in around 1800 pounds. We had a great lunch overlooking a huge water hole, and we had a curious little dik dik visit when we were finishing up.

Dinner was fabulous again- blue wildebeest and blesbuck. Looking forward to one last morning hunting in Africa!